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Elite Models for May/June 2021

Photo by Baneful One Photo by Baneful One

Skyflower Astrid

International Stripper Astrid Gamino is our Skyflower Goddess for this editor's birthday month.

Photo by Baneful One Photo by Baneful One

Flower Goddess Jay

Jay is our Flower Goddess. We hope to catch up with at LA Fashion Week. She's an amazing fashion model. Here's her third time shooting with Bane.

Elite Models for July/August 2021

Elite Model Marissa Elite Model Marissa

Elite Model Marissa

We shot Marissa in Wonderland Photographers Studio in Orange County. Yeah, we love black women, but she'll show you why - because they love black men like no others can. See her on Instagram at thequeenrissaa.

Elite Model Zoe Elite Model Zoe

Elite Model Zoe

Zoe reminded me of Rocky Balboa's wife. She walked in Wonderland Photographers Studio wearing a loose sun dress, holy Moses sandals and granny glasses. But, when it was time for her set, she was elite model material. She said she used to dance in the clubs. Now she's balancing a bar tending job and a modeling career. Find her on Instagram at littledancerzoe

Photo by Charles Purnell Elite Models Adelina

Elite Model Adelina

Adelina is a dancer. And she's very photogenic. Her poses are natural. She's gorgeous time two. Plus she loves to model. She has a personality that'll make you want to know her. Follow her on Instagram @livvychapp