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CATASHTROPHE - Home Ownership and Entrepreneurship in Vegas

Interview by Charles Purnell / Dec 2020

King T at Bully Breed

King T holds dueces between four models at a Bully Breed event in Long Beach Calif.

Photo by Charles Purnell

We got this new brand called Smoke-a-holiks. It's a weed company but we got 200 pounds of all these different strains and pre-rolls. We in the weed business in California.

We about to be in all the Dr. Green Thumbs and L.A. Originals dispensaries. And we got a soundtrack to go with the weed! So if you buy some weed and it's our brand, it'll have a code on it that will give you three or four songs free. Each strand will get you three or four songs for free. So if you try each one of our products you can get a twenty song whole album right there.

We got the website coming next week and everything. We 'bout to do this podcast with B-Real and everything.

I think that the world is tired of hearing the same ole same ole shit. I think that the music we comin' wid right now, it's got that 90's feel to it but it don't sound 90's. It's not that we tryna duplicate the 90's, it's just like some newer up-to-date shit we doing that no one else is doing. So it's up to us to do it.

What's new coming out?

I got a solo EP I'm doing. I got a lot of songs for that. I don't know what I'm ah call it yet. I got like 10 different ideas in my head. But I'm a drop that early January, right after the new year. The Smoke-a-holiks products we gawn be movin' those and everything. The 20 song album. We got a clothes line to it and everything. You gawn see it everywhere in about three weeks. You can go to my IG and see the pictures.

What are you doing in Vegas?

I move with the movers. I shake with the shakers / I moved to Las Vegas but I represent the Lakers / LA is heart / I moved because I'm smart / I got the mini-mansion backyard, looks like a park / But I still got that fly-ass condo in Redondo.

It's cheaper than California and my whole family moved out here. My mother. I was the first one to move out here. They actually followed me. But I like the town, the city called Las Vegas. They got everything LA got but with a lot of the shit I don't like - I don't get into no more like, a lot of... In LA it wasn't a lot of drinking and partying in the middle of the day. After hour joints and hole-in-the-walls. Out here I live in the suburbs by the golf course.

E-Swift moved out here. We got a studio right here on Sahara and Paradise. We just record. Do shit for soundtracks and film. We definitely made Vegas a second home. King T out here right now. He got here at 4 a.m. They come out here to visit me when they wanna get away from L.A. and vacate. Everybody I had come visit me out here ended up moving out here dude. That's why I never moved back. My closest people - my kids, my baby momma, my girlfriend, my this my that. Everybody out here now.

My brother owns a tattoo shop out here called "Tat Life". I been out here for like, seven years.

I moved to Miami real quick. And then a hurricane hit. That ended that. I tried to stick it out. The whole city was evacuating. I was the only dumbass who tried to stay there and wait it out.

The whole city of Miami was evacuating. My building evacuated! But me and a couple of friends of mine... Man, we just out here from California. We just moved into this mug. We chillin'. We up high so can't nothin' really happen up here. We went and bought some food and said bye and everything. The whole city left. That hurricane hit! Man! The food was gone the first two days! The first night the electricity went. The power is off. A boat flew the my neighbor's window. A little fishing boat, the light ones, with the little motor on its back. My window busted. We had to move the couch and board it. We starving so I saw a mirage. I walked out the front door and the wind swooshed me off my feet. I'm getting carried down the street on my ass. I grab a tree. Fight my way back to the crib. Still no food. We drinking cat water now. It was a nightmare dude.

What's up now?

Right now I'm just chillin' man. I'm usually wearing my clothing line "Live Victoreus". That's pretty much what you'll catch me in. I wear "Live Victoreus" everything. I'm just chillin'.

What was your biggest paycheck?

We had three tours lined up. We lined up three tours. We did Japan; we did a Japanese tour. We did about 37 shows in the United States and then we did Australia. And the night we was supposed to come back from Australia, that's when the world trade center shit happened. We was stuck over there for like four days.

But I remember when we came back from off that tour. Even though the world was in chaos - and rest in peace to the people who passed away in that shit - but that whole three tour combination along with me selling a house in Vegas years ago, which I made a quick $130,000, that would be the best year.