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Borderline Sexual Predator In Placentia

By Staff Report

Ruben Duarte and his white-washed boyfriend

There is a Hispanic homosexual with a predator-type personality renting rooms to people responding to his craigslist ads.

Ruben Duarte, aka Ruben Arroyo, is the live-in landlord of 212 Kraemer Ave. #2714, Placentia, CA, 92870.

In June 2023 he surprised into shellshock his tenant Charles with a 30-day eviction notice. Ruben says the reason is his sister needs that room on July 1.

Charles says Ruben’s eviction notice comes at the worst possible time. It is the result of racism from Hispanics against blacks and sexism from gays against straights.

Charles tells this story about Ruben’s eviction notice: “A few month before I received the notice Ruben moved in his boyfriend. He is a gay and white-washed Mexican. White-washed Mexicans always pursue blacks and harass blacks. I hoped to ignore Ruben’s boyfriend and he ignore me.

“But dude had to do shit like, come in my room and paint my door. He always had to paint in my bathroom. Plus his gay behaviors of sitting by the front door, and busting through a neighboring door (trying to bump faces).

“I told him that a person complaining about what’s around a toilet is neurotic. And the complainer wanted to chop off the listener’s penis. So don’t call me into a bathroom to complain.

“Then Ruben tried bullying me by just shouting random and rude demands. Telling me not to do things that I already wasn’t doing, like slamming doors.

“A couple of weeks later he put a 30-day eviction notice on my door. All of this was in front of his white-washed Mexican boyfriend.”

Charles is worried because he is running low on money. He started a new job on June 10.

“I’m scared to look (for his new place). Scared I’ll jump on craigslist for another cool one and it won’t be one.”

But Charles wants to move. He said Ruben’s apartment stinks. It smells like spicy and sweaty gay men. Ruben’s dog pooped in front Charles’ door after Ruben surprised Charles with the eviction notice.

“Stepped right in it,” Charles said. “I walked around my bedroom and then looked down. Caca everywhere! I was hurt. I was in my job interview suit. I had to wipe the poop up with a sponge and stinky foam bathroom cleaner.”

Ruben also has sex with multiple men in his room. “And they scream loudly. I used to sleep in my car.”

For more information about Ruben pairing homosexual predators with renters read: Rick the Dick